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Public Enemy

The movie that we watched in class last week was fantastic and exciting to watch.  the movie represents the original gangster films and portraysthe time and the era of the 1930’s in a correct way.  the time when crime was at an all time high and bootlegging was avenue for making some doe.  the film reminded me about public enemies 2009 with johnny deep, similar time era however in the 2009 film the crime was more about robbing banks.  but similarities between the films are the cars, the clothing, the talk , the flare of the gangster and of course the beautiful women whom always accompany the gangsters.

Going back to the original film public enemy, i enjoyed the story which involved the conflict between the two brothers, we learned from the start of the film that troubles between the two brothers had always been present.  the conflict between go0d brother who goes off the army and the not so good brother who is a street worker then turns into an original gangster is the struggle of the film.  the two brothers frequently encounter themselves at home and in every scene their tensions fly high… during the disputes, i kept feeling so sad for the mother, she only wanted for her family to be happy and together.  there is a particular scene where the family is all reunited and tom powers brings a keg or barrel of beer to the dinner table … (hilarious, i wish i can do that). the dinner table is well set up it seems that the mother has slaved all day over the stove to prepare the meal, and the two brothers problems can’t spare the moment. like always the two brothers begin to fight and again the POOr mother is helpless and begs them to stop fighting.  i really felt the mothers pain, you can just see that all she hoped for her two only sons to get along.

I liked the film, so far i think it is the best film shown in class so far, not that M was not a good film, hey class if you liked watching public enemy, i encourage you guys to go watch The Town, i saw it on Sunday and i truly loved the film, the movie is filled with twists and great action scenes.

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~ by blackbriar on September 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “Public Enemy”

  1. I also felt bad for the mother. The only thing that would make her happy was if her two sons got along, but they couldn’t even do that. She is one of the few examples of the passive women that are in this film, along with the sister and the love interests. In my blog I said that this movie reminded me of the Jonny Depp “Public Enemies”,altough I liked this one more.

  2. I agree,but i feel that the mother wasnt getting much attention in the movie, when her role was created, her “voice” was to be ignored by her sons tempers, tho they both wanted the best for her and thought that their ideas was in her best interest, they both never really asked how she felt about anything. During that era women didnt have many rights, so I wonder if this is the reason why so many of the women in this film were passive… I bet if films were showing women that were outspoken, the womens rights movement would have happened alot sooner.

  3. Yea, I also think that they could have cut the drama for one night when they had dinner. But I wonder If that drama would have happen if the brother didn’t go to war. Because before he was a really nice light-hearted guy but when he came back, he became somewhat cold. If he stayed the way he was before, I have a feeling he wouldn’t have acted in such a way. He would have put up with it then wait till after dinner to confront Tony because he wouldn’t have wanted his mother to know.

  4. I felt bad for the mother as well. Every mother would want her sons to get along and the fact that they didn’t and fought most of the time, it broke her heart. I’m sure this can be related to any situations today. Maybe the reason why they fought so much was because one became a gangster and the other was in the army. They both led a very different lifestyle and the only one thing they had in common was that they were family. And all the mother wanted was for them to sit down and eat a full meal without fighting as a loving family.

  5. I have to agree with you. This was my favorite film so far this whole semester and I truly enjoyed this film. Except, The mother I didn’t feel that bad for, as I think her character was created almost too naive and I don’t feel bad for characters like that. Maybe its me. The conflicts were compelling enough and watching the struggle between the brothers really brought some strong tension to the screen.

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